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Past Activities

  • 2010.12Conference of Water-Skiing License (C level)
  • 2010.12United Conference of National PE & Sport
  • 2010.11Hot air balloon in Sealtle National Park
  • 2010.11Training season II for windsurfing and water skiing
  • 2010.11National Water Skiing Champion
  • 2010.10Asian Champoin for RS-X Windsurfing
  • 2010.09National Champion for Sailing
  • 2010.08~10Windsurfing License Class for Windsurfing
  • 2010.08Interaction with Ataturk Universiry from Turkey
  • 2010.08Interaction with Innsbruck University from Austria
  • 2010.07Interaction with University of Mississippi from USA
  • 2010.07Winsurfing Camp for Taipei Boy Scout
  • 2010.06National Champion for Sailing
  • 2010.06Organizing Winsurfing Camp for Taipei Boy Scout
  • 2010.05The 2nd Taiwan Strait Sailing Competition
  • 2010.05Training season I for windsurfing and water skiing
  • 2010.04Sponsorship from GIGAZONE Tech
  • 2010.04Conference of Windsurfing License (C level)
  • 2010.02Organizing Conference of Windsurfing License (C level)
  • 2009.06Water Sport Prgram for Minstry of Education in Taiwan